The Paper Division provides the Industry with a full range of chemcial agents and systems used from tissue faturing to printing and writing paper, which improve the quality of the final product, reduce production costs and protect the environment.


Synthetic sizing agents.

Excellent General purpose products.

Polymeric dispersing agents for all pigments currently used in paper coating.

Microparticle 2 or 3 components.

Polyacrylamide based flocculants for raw water, saveall and effluent treatment. Complete range of high molecular weight products supplied in cationic, non ionic and anionic forms.

A range of retention aids developed for DIP/TMP/CTMP and highly contamined stocks where normal retention aids have no effect.

Tetra, hexa or dissulphonic types.

Polyacrylamide based high efficiency retention aids.

A range of cationic pitch fixatives and antideposition aids.

Polyamines and Polydadmacs for the process or for water and effluent tratment.

Polyaluminium Chloride or alum for the process or for water and effluent treatment.

Automatic dosing and preparation systems for polymers in powder or liquid form.

To be used at the size-press or sym sizer in order to increase the paper properties.

Cationic modified starches soluble in warm water used to increase the mechanical properties of the paper.

Modified starches used to improve paper strength and to form a high flexible film.

Modified and cold water soluble starches.

For alum, OBA, duyes, pigments, starches, sizing, etc.