The Specialities Division offers a range of polymers and additives that improve the paints and provide their easy application: dispersing and thickening agents. In printing inks, the aqueous polymers are the replacement for solvent-based resins thus reducing its harmful vapours.


Surface active agents having powerful wetting and emulsifying properties.

General purpose antifoam additives.

A range of water-soluble polymers developed for the control of scale and deposit formation in aqueous systems.

Polymeric dispersing agents extremely effective on minerals and inorganic pigments in aqueous systems. Very widely used in aqueous paints, adhesives and ceramic production.

Associative thickening agents designed primarily for emulsion paints giving excellent application and flow properties and reduced “roller” spatter.

A range of sequestering agents based on NTA, EDTA and DPTA mainly used in soaps and detergents.

Polymers based on acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and acrylamide. Applications include pigment dispersion, thickening, suspending and binding.

Acrylic based thickening agents for use in aqueous adhesives, paints, latex compounds, cosmetics and ceramics.

Starch based thickeners for the production of economic paints.