The Pollution Control Division offers to Industries and Municipalities improved techniques for treating effluent and sludge resulting therefrom. Our technically advanced products and our chemical treatment systems substantially increase the performance of Sewage Treatment Works, thus providing the maximum return on invested capital.

Controlo de Poluição

A complete range of organic coagulants based on polyamine and polydadmac.

A complete range of coagulants based in PAC, ferric, etc.

High molecular weight polyelectrolytes for sewage and industrial effluent treatment supplied in microbead, powder  or liquid form. Typical applications include sludge dewatering, sludge thickening, primary sedimentation processes and phosphate removal processes.

High molecular weight for use as coagulant aids in treatment of drinking water and water-works sludges. Alum replacements. Conform with the standards demanded by EPA (USA) and Department of Environment (UK).

Polialuminium Chloride. Aluminium Sulphate. Ferric Chloride.

Coagulants and flocculants to improve the fine solid separation in aqueous suspensions.

Water and oild based antifoams.

Alive and hydrated.

Phosphoric and sulfuric.

Liquid or flakes.